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February 11, 2020
Service Impact of Coronavirus Containment Measures in China

Due to the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak, the associated extension of the Chinese New Year holiday (also known as the Spring Festival) and measures imposed by governments around the world, there are currently unavoidable service impacts on air and ocean freight shipments shipping into and out of China. This information is provided for general guidance only. Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, the information is subject to change without notice. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Service Impact of Coronavirus Containment Measures in China (as of Feb. 11, 2020)
Over the last three weeks, the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, has impacted the region and the shipping industry. With a reduction in the active Chinese labor force and business closures imposed by an extension of the holiday, there are indications there could be additional potential impacts on global supply chains. FedEx Logistics is committed to keeping our customers updated and is monitoring the situation. Please check this page regularly for updates and information, which will be added as available.

We’ve made the following service adjustments at FedEx Logistics offices in support of the holiday extension by Chinese officials:

City Holiday Extended Until:
Beijing open
Chengdu February 12, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Chongqing February 12, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Dalian open
Fuzhou open
Guangzhou open
Nanjing February 12, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Ningbo February 12, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Qingdao open
Shanghai open
Shenzhen February 12, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Suzhou open
Tianjin Announcement pending
Wuhan February 13, 2020 (confirmation pending)
Xiamen open
Zhengzhou February 17, 2020


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