Global Compliance

You need to stay current in the world's ever-changing global trade requirements. Our team of experts keep you up-to-speed with new developments, both inside and outside the U.S., including worldwide resources in more than 220 countries and territories.

Expand the borders of your business and help keep yourself compliant — wherever your business takes you.

On a global basis, FedEx Trade Networks provides the following services:

  • Assists companies developing their global trade compliance programs
  • Evaluates trade compliance risks that companies are taking in foreign countries, by conducting an on-site import or export compliance evaluation

On a country-specific basis, FedEx Trade Networks provides the following services:

  • Determines country-specific Harmonized System Classification (HTS) number for your products
  • Establishes applicable customs duty rate and other import taxes
  • Verifies import and export requirements for particular products and any restrictions or license requirements
  • Confirms documentation needed for import or exports
  • Advises on procedures for return of repaired or refurbished goods
  • Provides recommendations pertaining to the country’s import and export requirements

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