My Global Trade Data Forms

A better way to access, prepare and store your shipping documents.

Forms enables U.S./Canada border importers to prepare a Customs Invoice, Customs Invoice/NAFTA Certificate of Origin combination form, inward cargo manifest, uniform bill of lading and more online. Then you can save them to a database and transmit to FedEx Trade Networks or pass them directly on to your carrier. My Global Trade Data makes it easy to obtain the specific customs documentation you require and contains the most common types of customs forms.

Forms can also create and store a database of product and customer information. You can access this database at any time and easily add new information.

Screenshot of the enhanced My Forms

Streamlined form management

Recent enhancements to My Forms have made the preparation of U.S. and Canada customs documentation easier than ever. Log in to take advantage of the many convenient features, including:

  • simplified tab navigation and data input screens
  • template creation
  • easy-to-maintain parts and party databases
  • the ability to email completed forms
  • the ability to create, save and view multiple documents in a single window
  • packet creation for linking documentation
  • common data flow between forms
  • the ability to attach and submit new participating government agency (PGA) forms with completed forms

Forms can help eliminate the headaches of data-entry errors, time-consuming retyping of multiple forms and cumbersome document storage.

Log in now for simplified documentation management.