Duty Drawback

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Did you know that if you export goods you may be able to recover the majority of all Customs duties paid on any imported materials contained in those products? And you can do it retroactively for up to four years in Canada?

You may be entitled to hundreds or thousands of dollars in duty drawback refunds – and not even know it. If you are eligible to recover drawback, do you have the resources or ability to efficiently compile the information to support the claim? FedEx Trade Networks can help you obtain the entire drawback you are entitled to.

A drawback is a refund, in whole or in part, of the customs duties collected upon the importation of materials that are later exported unused (same condition) or as a finished good.

For unused (same condition goods) drawback, if goods are imported and exported in the same condition without further processing (exceptions do exist for minor processing operations), you are entitled to 100% refund of the Canadian duties paid based on the quantities exported, regardless of where the goods are exported. Limitations do exist on goods which cannot be claimed under the drawback program.

Under NAFTA, manufacturing drawback falls under the "Lesser of the Two" rule, which means the duty paid to Canada Border Services Agency for bringing components used in manufacturing of a finished item is compared to the duty paid to U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the finished item entering the United States, and the lesser amount will be refunded.

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If you are eligible to recover drawback, count on FedEx Trade Networks to help you do it. We offer the duty drawback expertise, experience and resources you need, whether you are filing a claim or establishing a new drawback program.

The bottom line benefits of duty drawback reduce your manufacturing costs. By recovering 99% of your import duties when you export, you can import foreign merchandise in the Canada virtually duty-free.

Drawback refunds even if you are not the importer. Your domestic suppliers of imported materials can transfer their drawback rights, allowing you to recover 99% of the duty paid when you export products.

Big bonuses for new claimants. If you have never filed for drawback, you can retroactively claim duty on exports shipped over the past four years. This provision allows you to qualify for a substantial refund.

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Let FedEx Trade Networks perform a free, no obligation analysis to determine whether you are eligible to claim drawback. For more information, please contact the Duty Drawback department in Canada at 905-677-7371 or via email FTN_Drawbacks_Canada@fedex.com.