Global Order Logistics

Connecting the many moving parts. One simple solution.

Save valuable time and money with Global Order Logistics, a comprehensive solution that connects order, supplier and transportation management into a streamlined solution. The solution integrates our people, processes and technology to align the vital elements of your international supply chain and meet your objectives of reduced costs, improved service levels and increased revenue.

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Why Global Order Logistics?

This solution combines your business rules, our expertise and the FedEx transportation network to help you:

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Proactively manage your inbound supply chain.

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Bolster operational efficiencies and gain visibility.

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Improve supplier reliability and reduce transportation spend.

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Enhance delivery reliability and service levels.

Order Management

  • Gain control and visibility of POs and SKUs from issuance to delivery.
  • Improve inventory management through enhanced order placement.
  • Increase customer service levels with improved fill rates, on-time deliveries and communications.

Supplier Management

  • Automate and improve supplier communication processes.
  • Improve supplier reliability and adherence to your service level agreements, leading to increased
    cash flow.
  • Measure supplier performance levels.

Transportation Management

  • Optimize transportation spend by balancing time, cost and service.
  • Expand distribution models to reduce cost and grow revenue.
  • Increase delivery reliability across multiple modes of transport.

How does it work?

1. FedEx Trade Networks receives a copy of your PO electronically.

2. The order is executed as intended through 6 services and 40 features of service to drive the right product, right place, right time and right network.

3. You gain complete access to your international supply chain through our collaboration platform, the Global Order Logistics system.

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Service startup is managed by our dedicated team of professionals and consists of four components:

  1. Project plan allows crisp execution of deliverables.
  2. Standard operating procedure ensures execution of the service is consistent with your requirements.
  3. Supplier education program simplifies and streamlines onboarding suppliers with hands-on training and local support.
  4. Standardized IT systems interface brings efficiency, accuracy and collaboration without heavy IT investment from you.

Additional information:

The platform that supports Global Order Logistics is cloud-based technology, developed by FedEx Trade Networks. The service and the system are configurable, customizable and flexible to align with your business requirements and processes.

Integration methods include Flat File, XML and EDI; two-way data sharing is available.

Service is available globally for all transportation managed by FedEx Trade Networks. It can also be applied to other transportation options. Certain conditions may apply.

Contact your FedEx Trade Networks account executive today to learn how Global Order Logistics can benefit your company.

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