Cargo Insurance Arrangement

Damaged cargo comes in all shapes and sizes.

Three facts you should know about shipping:

1. Carriers are not liable for loss or damage to your cargo caused by natural disasters. You are.

2. You can't predict when nature will strike. But you can protect your goods with cargo insurance.

3. Your buyer's or supplier's insurance is not enough.

It's risky to rely on someone else's insurance. Purchasing your own policy puts you in control of the coverage options...and the cost.

Stolen or mishandled cargo is your responsibility.

Carriers can limit their liability according to tariffs or bills of lading. If your cargo is stolen or damaged in transit, your settlement may not even cover your replacement costs!

Let us give you peace of mind. It makes sense to work with FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc. as your resource for cargo insurance arrangements.

FedEx Trade Networks helps save you money.

We work hard to get you the lowest insurance rates possible. We consider all your details to obtain a price that accurately reflects your level of risk.

FedEx Trade Networks reduces your paperwork.

FedEx Trade Networks processes your insurance coverage at the same time we coordinate your shipment. Both your shipping and insurance charges are integrated into one easy invoice.

FedEx Trade Networks processes your claim quickly.

Since we coordinate your shipments, we have instant access to your cargo documentation. We'll prepare the paperwork and manage your claim.

FedEx Trade Networks is your comprehensive resource for arranging marine, air and surface cargo insurance.

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