Global Order Logistics

When you need proactive management of your global logistics on a local level, you need the power and efficiency of Global Order Logistics from FedEx Trade Networks. We provide the tools and access for bringing together time zones and distance to create a seamless and surprise-free delivery.

If you need a service that proactively addresses the challenges of international shipping, then Global Order Logistics is for you.

FedEx Trade Networks provides an effective solution for our customers by uniquely combining our services with your order to give you the ability to allocate and ship your products quickly and cost effectively.

  • Global Order Logistics validates your order before it leaves the source country. Issues can be addressed at the point of discovery, before they become problems for your supply chain.
  • The FedEx distribution network allows you to allocate at multiple points in the supply chain and even ship directly to your client.
  • The FedEx transportation network can deliver your product with optimal speed and efficiency.
  • Global Order Logistics allows both you and your customers to see the status of your product throughout the supply chain.

Global Order Logistics is a user-friendly web-based tool, which provides real-time access to Purchase Order (PO) and SKU level information.

How it will work for you

With our unique combination of products and services, FedEx Trade Networks can provide you with the ability to react quickly to demand and manage exceptions. There are 5 major processes and 35 defined services which will be executed on your behalf by FedEx Trade Networks.

Global Order Logistics can help your company

  • Save time and money through proactive management of potential issues.
  • Provide greater control and operational effectiveness throughout the supply chain.
  • Provide end-to-end, real-time visibility and SKU level detail.

We can help

When you choose FedEx Trade Networks you can benefit from a service provider who offers extensive value-added services and products to enhance your transportation and customs brokerage needs.

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