Worldwide duties and taxes – instantly.

Recognized as the source for multicountry customs duty and tax information, WorldTariff continuously collects data from the world's customs authorities, simplifies the information and translates it into English.

WorldTariff publishes the Most Favored Nation applied duty rates, preferential rates, Value Added Tax (VAT), excise, miscellaneous border taxes, tariff classifications for duty purposes and complete Harmonized System descriptions. The information is immediately available for over 175 customs areas, representing more than 95% of the world's imports by value.

WorldTariff can be an invaluable resource if you:

  • Source or ship goods internationally.
  • Incur customs duty and tax expenses of more than 2% of cost, insurance and freight value of your goods.
  • Want to optimize logistics with regard to landed cost.
  • Need to control the classification of goods to ensure lowest possible duty rates and compliance.

WorldTariff is a subscription service, and is accessible via the My Global Trade Data website.

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