Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Is your company keeping pace with technology?


FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc. is a pioneer in the application of information technology to international logistics. We use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and a growing menu of web-based tools to communicate with customers, regulatory agencies, and our global network of air, ocean, and ground carriers. Our systems let you keep track of your shipments at every step and give you comprehensive information for planning time- and cost-based advantages.

Technology solutions

We bring together the experience and knowledge of business analysts, information systems, account management and EDI specialists. This cross-functional team has the technical and business savvy to help you to integrate EDI within your overall business strategies. That's why our experienced and knowledgeable EDI business team can ease the pain of your transition to EDI.

FedEx Trade Networks regularly delivers successful EDI and electronic commerce solutions. We can impact your logistics and business processes through services that include:

  • Electronic transmission of customs entry information, commercial invoices and status information in a standard format, so you can reduce paperwork and quickly audit customs entries. These timely audits help you meet Customs Modernization Act (Mod Act) obligations, ensure that goods are classified and valued correctly, and that accurate duties are paid.
  • Costs analyses and management of product flows to meet customer and manufacturing demands, ultimately improving your bottom line.
  • Streamlined business processes for fewer errors in manual data entry and elimination of the need for a variety of data quality checks.
  • Utilization of FTP and email as alternatives to traditional value-added networks for enhancing your cost-based advantages.

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