Fast FDA Clearance

Just part of a healthy bottom line.

We understand. Part of keeping your business healthy means compliant, fast and efficient Food and Drug Administration (FDA) processing. The dedicated FDA team at FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc. brings extensive experience to the table and has systems in place, including electronic filing to ease your compliance concerns and facilitate the customs brokerage process. The bottom line: We help take care of FDA issues so you can take care of business.

FDA Assistance


FedEx Trade Networks can help with all the critical requirements of FDA regulations. We'll take you through the facility registration process, transmit your Prior Notice and admissibility information, all with real-time electronic status available through My Global Trade Data. Finally, we'll keep you compliant through the entire transition and beyond.

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Prior Notice requirements

These requirements include data on food imports that must be filed electronically, using either Automated Broker Interface (ABI) of the FDA website. Failure to comply will result in delayed shipments or possibly refused entry into the U.S.

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My Global Trade Data

We're qualified to file FDA documents electronically for you and recieve information about the status of your product from the FDA, including "May Proceed" and "Arrival Time" notification. And with My Global Trade Data, FDA information is transmitted directly to you via EDI, fax or email. We also build and store FDA product codes and manufacturer information for you.

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New Facility Registration or renewal

FedEx Trade Networks can assist you with all the critical requirements of the Facility Registration process, serve as your agent with the FDA, and help you avoid the problems of denied entry.

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