My Global Trade Data Mobile for Web-enabled Devices

Regardless of your web-enabled device, you can access the power of FedEx Trade Networks My Global Trade Data Mobile at

Quick Find

Access basic shipment information and easily share this information with your supply chain partners with no log-in needed. (For security reasons, only non-confidential information is displayed.)


View shipment information at the house or master bill level. This advanced query expedites your detailed shipment searches.

PAPS Query for Carriers

Keep up-to-date on the status of customs releases at the border through the pre-arrival processing system (PAPS).

My Account

Update your account information and change your settings. Choose your mobile site default preferences, select active resources and set up email notifications.

Global Order Logistics

Existing Global Order Logistics customers now have real-time access to purchase order (PO) and SKU level shipment information in a simpler format, for tracking on the go.


  • Go to from your mobile web browser.
  • You can use your existing User ID and password or, if you don't have an account, you can sign up here.
  • To learn more about My Global Trade Data, contact the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at
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