FedEx Global Distribution SystemSM

Accurate, real-time inventory data.


With the FedEx Global Distribution System from FedEx Trade Networks, My Global Trade Data now uses the newest bar-code and Radio-Frequency technology to provide you with accurate, real-time inventory data and enhanced reporting capabilities. In addition, the warehouse management system can be configured to support EDI transmissions.


The implementation of the FedEx Global Distribution System has led to the standardization of operations throughout our North American distribution facilities.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • View real-time inventory status at each individual warehouse location or total at all locations.
  • Search by Part number or Lot number.
  • Track Orders out of each warehouse by Order Number, Ship to or Date.
  • Review Audit History to see chronological record of incoming and outgoing products.
  • Print or download query results to a spreadsheet.

Looking for even greater order accuracy and efficiency in shipment processing? Then check into the FedEx Global Distribution System — available through My Global Trade Data.

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