Non-Resident Importer (NRI)

The Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program is designed to benefit U.S. companies by allowing them to sell to their Canadian clients on a landed cost basis, streamline the customs clearance process, and reduce paperwork.


FedEx Trade Networks makes delivering to your Canadian customers a seamless and efficient process. We tailor your supply chain around your U.S. production facilities and your customers in Canada.


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ShowNon-Resident Importer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program?

The NRI program enables a U.S. shipper, who in most cases does not have a physical presence in Canada, to clear goods in their name as the Importer of Record. The U.S. shipper can also prepay all of the duties and Goods & Services Tax (GST) for their Canadian shipments.

Why would U.S. shippers want to utilize the NRI program?

The NRI program benefits those shippers who have a large volume of shipments headed to multiple Canadian companies. Companies beginning to ship into Canada should also consider the program, as it may help develop their business in Canada.

Benefits Include:

  • Providing a landed cost to Canada customers
  • Creating a domestic purchase environment
  • Enhancing sales through direct marketing
  • Experiencing consistent customs brokerage processing and minimizing clearance delays
  • Improving the ordering process and customer experience by providing comprehensive pricing

Does the NRI program have any associated costs?

There are no set up fees to establish your company as a NRI. However, there may be fees involved for the classification of products to determine duty rates. Those fees will be included in the customs brokerage fees.

Do I need to establish a Business Number (BN) with the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA)?

Yes, in order to become a corporate account with the CBSA, you will need to apply for a BN. This is a unique number for the importer and is required to import goods into Canada and will be required at the time of set up. If you already have a BN with CBSA, you do not need to establish a new BN for your NRI shipments.

Do I need a customs broker in order to register for the NRI program?

Yes. The customs broker will act on your behalf to represent you to CBSA. They will work with you to streamline the customs process and manage other details critical to importing and exporting goods legally and as quickly as possible.

Can I designate FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc. as my customs broker for Canada customs clearance with carriers other than FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight?

Yes, FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc. (FedEx Trade Networks) is a full-service customs broker and is capable of handling customs clearance for all modes of transport and with all carriers for your imports into Canada.

If I have credit with FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight, do I need to establish credit with FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc.?

Yes. Each FedEx operating company assesses the credit stability of each customer as it relates to the business relationship between the customer and the specific operating company. If you select FedEx Trade Networks as your customs broker, and FedEx Trade Networks is paying duties and taxes on your behalf, a separate credit application must be completed and credit must be established before we can act as your customs broker for goods coming into Canada.

I am already registered as an NRI with FedEx Express. Do I have to re-register as an NRI with FedEx Trade Networks?

Yes. U.S. Shippers who have a customs clearance account with FedEx Express for their Canadian shipments must also register as a NRI with FedEx Trade Networks. It is easy for a U.S. shipper to register as a NRI with FedEx Trade Networks.

Who do I contact for help to register with the NRI program?

FedEx Trade Networks has a group of professionals dedicated to answering customer questions regarding the NRI program. Please contact FedEx Trade Networks at 1.800.715.4045.

FedEx Trade Networks can assist you with:

ShowNRI Landed Cost FAQ
What is meant by "landed cost"?

Landed cost is simply the total cost, all factors included, of delivering a product to a recipient in Canada.

Why is it important to properly understand the landed cost of delivery?

It is important to properly understand the total landed cost of delivery for goods to Canada so the seller is confident that he is making a profitable sale and the buyer is aware of how much she will be paying for the goods, all costs considered. Understanding the landed cost allows all parties involved in the transaction to make an informed and educated decision regarding the purchase.

What factors should I consider in determining the landed cost?

In most cases there are five factors which need to be considered when determining landed cost:

  1. Merchandise Value – What is the sale price of the goods being bought or sold?
  2. Transportation – How much will it cost to have the goods transported from seller to buyer?
  3. Customs Brokerage – What fees will be assessed to properly clear customs and account for the goods at the border?
  4. Duty – What rate of duty will be assessed?
  5. Taxes – What taxes will be assessed?

This is not a comprehensive list of potential costs, but it will serve as a guide for the majority of transactions. Items which are controlled, regulated or otherwise restricted may require additional documentation which may result in additional fees.

Please contact FedEx Trade Networks Customer Service at 1.866.463.8682 if you have questions regarding the import requirements for specific commodities.

Getting Started Is Easy

FedEx Trade Networks can help you through the NRI registration process and compliance with government regulations. To get started, fill out the short form and we will contact you to complete the set up or give us a call at 1.800.715.4045, option one.

Once you are registered, FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc. will act as your Canadian customs broker for your shipments moving from the U.S. into Canada and help speed your shipments across the border.